Decisions, Decisions

Has it been two weeks already? Yes, it has! It’s time to add another set of fish to my 30 gallon tank. Only problem is that I’ve changed my mind (I’m allowed haha) on the type that I want. I’ve got my eye on both Congo Tetra (there would be 6) and the German Blue Ram (there would be 2 or 3). I’m getting both, just not at the same time. In two weeks I will get the next set of fish.

Here are the ones I want, but can’t make up my mind which to get first.


Congo Tetrah


German Blue Ram



  1. Mamajin says:

    I’m kind of leaning that way too, but it will also depend on how healthy they look at the store. Poor little fishies get stressed from the ride to the fish store, then more stress at the store from the net going in and out of the tank, and then even more stress from the ride to your house. If they’re not healthy at the store, they may not survive the ride home.

    I have to be really picky and make sure I try to choose healthy fish. I’m still a newb at this though!

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