6 thoughts on “Pandarian Monks

  1. Oh I know that from EQ2, there it was called appearance tab. we even had special gear for that tab. Special look, but no stats. A tank could walk around in some fancy cloth dress and a caster in some shiny plate. On top of that we could recolor our stuff.

  2. They’ve implemented what is called Transmogrification (transmog or just mog for short) where you can take your favorite gear sets and make your current gear look like your favorite gear. It’s kind of hard to explain. Blizzard has given everyone the opportunity to have different looks and styles, so even if two people had the same gear set, they can each look different. Like my Death Knight, she “looks” like she is wearing the original plate set from the starter quests, even though that’s not what she’s really wearing.

    Players wanted to recolor their gear (like in EQ), and this was Blizzards way of allowing us to go beyond that and do something even better. They added some new hair styles too, but this was awhile back. Things have changed a lot since you last played. :)

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