My Freshwater Fish Tanks
(Doug’s 75G Saltwater Reef tank is not listed here)

Aqueon 30 Gallon Glass Tank
Aqueon Glass Versa-Top
Aqueon Modular LED Light w/1 additional Colormax LED
AquaTop CF400-UV Canister Filter
Fluval M100 Glass Submersible Heater
Generic Thermometer
Estes Gravel
Fake Driftwood
Fake plants
10 Serpae Tetra
10 Congo Tetra (4 male, 6 female)
3 Panda Garra

Aqueon 20 Gallon Glass Tank
Aqueon Glass Versa-Top
Elive Module LED Track Lighting
Rapids Mini Canister x2
JW Thermometer
EBO Jager 50 Watt Heater x2
Texas Holy Rock
30+ mix of Escargot, Turbo Snail, and Seashell mixed shells.
CaribSea African Cichlid Mix (white substrate buffers the water)
10 to 15 (+babies) Neolamprologus Multifasciatus

Aqueon 10 Gallon Glass Tank
Marineland Lid With LED Lights
Rapids Mini Canister
Aqueon 50 Watt Heater
JW Thermometer
Estes Gravel
Various decor and fake plants
1 Small Amazon Sword (offshoot taken from Betta tank)
6 Longfin Danio (zebra, leopard, and gold)

JBJ 6 Gallon Nano Cube
Built in custom filtration system
AquaScape 90 GPH Adjustable Water Pump
Hydor 50 Watt Adjustable Heater
JW Thermometer
1 Amazon Sword
Dwarf Hairgrass
A Few Cardinal Plants
Fluval Plant Substrate capped with pea gravel
1 Male Betta

Quarantine Tank: Marineland 10 Gallon Glass Tank
Generic Florescent Hood
Rapids Mini Canister
Generic Thermometer
Generic 50 watt cheap adjustable heater
PVC Pipe (provides hiding places)

There’s no excuse not to have a hospital/quarantine tank! Here’s one I have for backup, with the price I paid for each part. The awesome part about the Sterilight container is that when it’s not being used, all of the equipment fits inside and the container is easily stored in the closet. This literally takes up no space whatsoever.

$8.99 USD: 5 Gallon Sterilight Showoff (similar to a Tupperware container, only much larger and see-through)
$12.34 USD: Cobalt Mini Heater
$2.79 USD: Floating Thermometer
$5.45 USD: Jardin 6 Layer Bio Corner Sponge Filter
$Gifted by friend: Huge roll of  soft airline tubing
$1.95 USD: Check Valve
$8.12 USD:Marina 75 Air Pump