Final Murder Trial Update

Here is a brief overview of what happened in court this past Monday and Tuesday. The past few days have been such a blur, and I’m not going to go over every little detail. Just the main points.

(If you are unfamiliar with the case you can read about it here; Olympia man charged with decapitation murders of two women. In the end he admitted to remembering everything about that night and exactly what he had done to Theresa and to my daughter Mary. There are recordings of people visiting him in jail and not once did he ever say he was sorry or appear to be remorseful. In fact this idiot truly believes he is one of the 144 thousand of Jehovah’s chosen few to go to heaven. At this time there is not enough evidence to prove that Lindsey and Dallas held those girls down while Matthew murdered them. We all know that they did, we just cannot prove it.)

Dallas’s statements were a joke. All he would say is “I don’t remember”, “I was too high on drugs, I don’t remember”, and “I lied to the detectives”. It was very apparent to the judge and to the jury that Dallas was lying to protect his uncle.

Every time the prosecution would begin to question Dallas, Matthew’s lawyer kept objecting. The kind of objections he was making kept the jurors out of the courtroom. The jury kept having to leave, come back, leave, come back, leave, come back. (the jury could not listen to the reasons for the objections because it would have tainted their verdict.) At any rate, this was pissing off the jury and Judge Nevin. He sat with his face in his hands on several occasions…. it was clear that he was not happy with Matthews lawyer.

On Tuesday Dallas was supposed to get back up on the stand again. And again Matthew’s lawyer started his stall tactics by objecting and sending the jury out of the courtroom. The judge was having no more of this and he finally said something. They weren’t getting anywhere with Dallas so they called Lindsey to the stand.

The prosecution said something to her about that night in the house and she said “I was in the house?”. Lindsey said she didn’t remember being at the house. At another time he asked her about the night she was arrested and she said “I was arrested?”. She did the same thing as Dallas and kept saying she didn’t remember. Not only did the judge see through this bullshit but so did the jury. Things were not looking good for them. At all. So we broke for lunch.

While at lunch I received a call asking if I could come back from lunch early to meet with the prosecution (Greg Greer and Jesse Williams) so off I went. Matthews lawyer offered a plea deal, something obscene like 1 count of second degree murder and 20 years. That was flatly refused. They went back and forth but the prosecution stood their ground. The defense knew how badly things were going for them so that’s why a plea deal was made. This was out of the blue and completely unexpected.

Matthew Leopold was sentenced to 60 years. He will not get out early for good behavior. He gave up his rights to any appeals when he signed the plea deal. He will be dead many years before he is eligible to be released. Before you say that 60 years isn’t enough remember that he isn’t getting out. If he were to live long enough he’d be 94 years old when released. He’s not going anywhere. In my eyes he was sentenced to life in prison.

A piece of advice from someone in-the-know; if you get into any kind of legal trouble do not hire Leslie Tolzin to get you out of it. He’s an idiot.

If you’ve made it this far and read everything I wrote, know that I am currently in contact with Facebook to have Mary’s last name changed on her account. I left it there in case the jury needed to see it. Mary was very close to Matthew Leupold, his sister Lindsey Leupold, and Lindsey’s son Dallas. She considered them family and had even called Lindsey her second mom. She trusted Lindsey and loved her deeply. I knew from the moment I saw them that they were scummy, but any parent will tell you that sometimes you cannot say anything against people that your adult child is friends with. Not unless you want to create a rift in your own relationship with them.

Edited on June 5, 2020: Facebook will not allow me to change her last name on her account. They told me my only option was to disable her account. This isn’t acceptable.

Murder Trial Update

OK guys, I know a lot of you have been waiting to hear more news and I apologize for being late. I really hate posting these things. 

In my last few posts (on Facebook) I said that we would be coming out to Washington to attend the beginning of the trial. This has changed and here’s why; there’s about 30 first responders that they’re calling to testify about what they saw the night that they arrived on the scene. I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want this going around in my thoughts for the rest of my life. I just don’t. Think very carefully before you decide to attend this part of the trial. This trial is going to be ugly. If you plan on attending you need to be prepared.

Please do not contact me to ask me questions about what’s going on with the trial (what they’re doing that day or that week). I won’t have those answers unless I directly call our victims advocate and ask, or if they call me and offer up that info. It’d be different if I was there and attending because they would warn me about what’s coming so I can decide if I want to go the next day or not.

Bob has been subpoenaed by the state. This means he cannot attend the trial until sentencing. And no, he has not done anything wrong. This is common because he knew the people involved. I didn’t know them, so I am not going to be called as far as I know.

As for myself, I am seriously struggling with whether or not I can attend at all and whether or not I can emotionally handle it since I cannot sit in there with Bob and Doug. Doug is not going to be able to sit in there with me either because he has to work. Without the support of these two men I don’t know that I can handle this trial sitting in there by myself. I don’t know that I can look at the man who murdered Mary and Theresa. I don’t know if I can stand to look at Dallas. I don’t know if I can stomach looking at Lindsey. For right now lets just keep it to where I will post if I decide to go. Right now, here today, I feel like I want to be there at least for sentencing. Ya’ll are just going to have to deal with me being wishy-washy about trial attendance. Unless you’ve been in my shoes, please don’t judge.

Matthew is being charged with two counts of aggravated murder in the first degree and arson in the first degree. This normally carries an automatic death sentence in the State of Washington, but since the Washington Supreme Court recently did away with the death penalty there, this is no longer an option. He had originally offered a plea deal where he would agree to 45 years if he didn’t have to go to trial. Thankfully the prosecuting attorney flatly turned that down. He has decided to plead insanity. He knows his life will be spent in prison. He knows he is never again going to be a free man. If he spends the rest of his life in prison, the inmate level he will have will be where he cannot be less than an arms reach from a prison guard. Ever. If he spends the rest of his life in a mental institution he will get certain privileges that he would not otherwise receive in prison. Compared to prison a mental institution will be cake for him. This is the only reason he is pleading insanity, for the extra privileges. 

Dallas is being paroled sometime in the first or second week of January (next month). His mother, Lindsey, was released and served less than a year.

A brief description of what happened to my daughter Mary and her friend Theresa can be read here on the official Pierce County website: Olympia man charged with the decapitation murders of two women

I probably will not post again until after sentencing.