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Panda Garra

I finally snagged a decent picture of my favorite aqua babies! I was only able to get two in the shot though. They are so adorable!!! I took this with Doug’s Canon G9 (his Canon DSLR intimidates me, so I didn’t use that one…. yet). If you look close enough at the one on the… Read More Panda Garra

Aquatic Chat

Sick Fish

It goes without saying that you get the most amazing feeling inside when you’re able to help your pet feel better and get over being sick. :) Doug noticed that one of my female Congo Tetra was getting a huge belly, and I knew she couldn’t be pregnant because she wasn’t housed with any males… Read More Sick Fish


People Are So Annoying

I honestly don’t understand people sometimes. The majority (not all) of the aquarists that I’ve come across firmly believe that you shouldn’t medicate your fish when they’re sick. They want to use natural remedies which is fine if the fish are responsive to it. I keep seeing people hesitate when the natural remedies aren’t working… Read More People Are So Annoying