JBJ 6 Gallon Nano Cube

Here’s a photo of what I have so far. I haven’t moved Mal (my betta, Captain Malcolm Reynolds) over just yet. He is currently still in his Current Solo 5 Gallon.

Unfortunately I ordered the wrong lights (they’re an inch too long) so the lights that are in there are for saltwater setups. I have to reorder tomorrow from somewhere else and then wait to get them.  UGGG. I’m trying to get an 18 watt 6500K 2G11 4 pin (9″) light.

I purchased another water pump because the one that was in there was designed for a higher flow rate, so I put an AquaScape 90 GPH Water Pump in there, and the flow is adjustable so I was able to set that up just right. Luckily Mal is so easy going that he doesn’t mind a small amount of flow in his tank.

Even though I have an extra 50 watt heater I went ahead and bought a Hydor 50 watt for the tank. Since I am using RO/DI water I need a heater to put in the bucket because the water coming from the RO/DI unit is ice cold. A heater in the bucket of water the night before a water change should warm things right up!
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