Time For Snow!

Looks like we’re getting ready for our first snow of the season. I’m not sure if I am happy about it. Normally I love snow, but this year I’m just kind of… meh.


Annoying Newsletter Popups

Welcome to my website! While you’re reading let me SHOVE this HUGE popup in your face so you can sign up for my STUPID news letter because INTERRUPTING you while you read promotes revisits!! ┬áSaid no sane web designer ever.


Just An FYI

It’s been brought to my attention that some feel that this site makes money from affiliate links. I can assure you that there has been no affiliate links on this site that bring in any type of monetary gain. The last time this site made any cash was back in the day when I owned… Read More Just An FYI

Meh, Updates


I’m sure some have noticed that my site keeps going down. My apologies. I will be moving from HostGator over to LiquidWeb, where I should of gone to begin with. I’ve put in my order and am just waiting on a confirmation call. The site may be up and down while the nameservers propagate, but… Read More Moving