Bad Storms & Parenting Skills

As a parent myself it really broke my heart to listen to her tell her dad “I don’t want you to die”, and angered me to hear him tell her to “shut up” “go downstairs” “I have to video this”. Seriously, who does that? Not only does this video show bad parenting skills, but also just how fast an EF-4 tornado with estimated winds between 170 to 190 mph can move.

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Summer Beauty

Last Saturday we went out with our neighbor, Joanne, to pick out some flowers and plants for Mothers Day, and these are the ones Doug bought for me. I had such an amazing time looking at and learning about everything Joanne had to teach me. I’ve not had much practice with plants, so hopefully I won’t kill these!

I’ve re-potted everything except for the Silver & Lavender Stream, which are in a large hanging basket. Doug and I made a trip to Lowe’s last night and bought a hanger, and later on this evening Doug is going to attach it outside between the two kitchen windows along the entrance walkway. I also placed my two Calla Lilies that weren’t looking so hot out on the porch with the rest of the plants. Fingers crossed that they perk up a bit as they barely held on in the house over the winter.

Summer Planting

Geranium, Celosia, Coleus, & Ivy

Summer Planting

Lambs Ear

Summer Planting

Silver Stream & Lavender Stream