Summer Beauty

Last Saturday we went out with our neighbor, Joanne, to pick out some flowers and plants for Mothers Day, and these are the ones Doug bought for me. I had such an amazing time looking at and learning about everything Joanne had to teach me. I’ve not had much practice with plants, so hopefully I won’t kill these!

I’ve re-potted everything except for the Silver & Lavender Stream, which are in a large hanging basket. Doug and I made a trip to Lowe’s last night and bought a hanger, and later on this evening Doug is going to attach it outside between the two kitchen windows along the entrance walkway. I also placed my two Calla Lilies that weren’t looking so hot out on the porch with the rest of the plants. Fingers crossed that they perk up a bit as they barely held on in the house over the winter.

Summer Planting

Geranium, Celosia, Coleus, & Ivy

Summer Planting

Lambs Ear

Summer Planting

Silver Stream & Lavender Stream


  1. Mamajin says:

    Thank you! So far they’re doing great (knock on wood lol). You’re right though, the Streams smell awesome!! Hope you guys are doing well over there!!


  2. Kay says:

    They all look alive and colourful, beautiful, you won’t kill them. I especially love the silver stream & lavender stream, I can smell them just thinking about them.

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