Bad Storms & Parenting Skills

As a parent myself it really broke my heart to listen to her tell her dad “I don’t want you to die”, and angered me to hear him tell her to “shut up” “go downstairs” “I have to video this”. Seriously, who does that? Not only does this video show bad parenting skills, but also just how fast an EF-4 tornado with estimated winds between 170 to 190 mph can move.

There are a few comments on the video that state the man lost his house. Reed Timmer posted the video on his Facebook page and said that the tornado barely missed the house. The man who posted the video also has a Paypal address in the video description, so whether or not he lost his house and needs money or if he wants donations for sharing the video is unknown.

Anyway, this happened over the weekend when we had that nasty weather roll through here and several states. Washington Illinois (where this video was taken, about 148 miles from me) was hit pretty bad (several other towns got hit as well). Several housing districts were flattened and one man lost his life. I sat most of the day in front of the television watching The Weather Channel’s live coverage of the storm. Our Midland Public Alert radio kept going off all day with tornado, flood, and hail warnings for our area. My cell phone was also going nuts with the warnings (love me some Google Now with the public emergency alerts!! Here’s a screenshot that I took of one of the flood alerts). The entire day was pretty intense as was the weather outside of the house.

EDIT: Apparently the video has been removed. Frankly I’m not surprised since the nasty comments were probably getting out of hand. If I can locate another copy of the vid I’ll update the link.

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