New UI Theme For My S4

Recreated in Photoshop from scratch, this was made because I fell in love with the original design by 21Marc012. As you can see I didn’t change it much because it was perfect as is. If Marc wants the psd files from me, he can contact me and I’ll happily send them. Not sending out to anyone else. If you would like the original files be sure to snag them from My Color Screen ——

On another note, I do have a few vacation pictures to show you, but we (Doug and I) came back from vacation with a nasty nasty flu bug. So as soon as I get around to it I’ll post those up. Yes, Keith Urban was AWESOME a second time in concert! We saw him again in Knoxville Tennesse.

Put together with;
SSlauncher Pro
Zooper Widgets Pro
Simple RSS Widget

Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Grrrr Google


Oh FFS Goolge, seriously? You offer AOSP for download on your own servers to anyone who can click a button, and you don’t think that encourages people to void their warranty? Not only does this sound unintelligent, it’s highly hypocritical.

CyanogenMod Installer Removed from Play Store.

Perhaps Cyanogen will take some of that 7 million dollars and put it towards the bandwidth costs from downloads. You don’t need the Play Store to offer the installer!

Manage Android Files Over WiFi

Sometimes you just get tired of  having to plug your phone into your PC, so why not just eliminate the USB cable altogether and do things over WiFi? Here’s a short tutorial on how it’s done.

What you need: ES File Explorer from Google Play, and ensure your phone is connected to your homes WiFi. I am using Windows 7, so I am unsure where things are located in Windows 8.

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