Grrrr Google


Oh FFS Goolge, seriously? You offer AOSP for download on your own servers to anyone who can click a button, and you don’t think that encourages people to void their warranty? Not only does this sound unintelligent, it’s highly hypocritical.

CyanogenMod Installer Removed from Play Store.

Perhaps Cyanogen will take some of that 7 million dollars and put it towards the bandwidth costs from downloads. You don’t need the Play Store to offer the installer!

Oh Really…

Android Officially Owns More Than 80% Of The World Smartphone Market

Android has hit a new milestone of popularity: it now owns 81% of the world smartphone market, according to a new market research report from IDC.
That’s not a huge jump. It was knocking on the door of 80% market share last quarter, when it hit 79.3 percent. But the growing dominance of Android is still impressive, especially considering that the smartphone market as a whole grew wildly, up 40 percentage points over Q3 2012, IDC says.

In Q3 2013, people worldwide bought 261 million smartphones and 212 million were Android, IDC said. Apple sold nearly 34 million iPhones.

Not surprisingly, the low-cost Android phone is why Android is so popular. But the irony is that most Android phone makers except Samsung are struggling to get a measurable bite of this huge pie. IDC notes:

Samsung accounted for 39.9% of all Android shipments for the quarter, while the rest of the vendors either saw single-digit market share or, in the case of the majority of vendors, market share of less than 1%.

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Cure For HIV?

A possible cure for HIV. Now that is some pretty amazing news!

Timothy Ray Brown, a native of Seattle who was the first person cured of the AIDS virus, is joining with scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to help extend the cure to others.

Early reports identified him only as “the Berlin patient.” But Timothy Ray Brown, the first person cured of HIV, was born and raised in Seattle.

Now, Brown is returning to his hometown to help boost efforts at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and elsewhere to extend the cure to others.

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