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Oh Really…

Android Officially Owns More Than 80% Of The World Smartphone Market Android has hit a new milestone of popularity: it now owns 81% of the world smartphone market, according to a new market research report from IDC. That’s not a huge jump. It was knocking on the door of 80% market share last quarter, when… Read More Oh Really…


Android Security

As long as you do three things before downloading an app, you don’t need antivirus apps slowing down your phone and taking up valuable space. 1: Only download apps from legal reputable sites like the Google Play Store. 2: Read the comment section. People will scream if there’s something funky going on with an app.… Read More Android Security


More Customizations

Another custom cell phone screen. I really enjoy doing these! The original files were in pieces, so I had to fix them in Photoshop. Here’s the original by a great Russian customizer, Soloveyptah.