Tetra Safe Start

Set up a new 10G on the 5th, and then on the 6th added Tetra Safe Start and 4 Pygmy Cory and 1 Cardinal Tetra. Fingers crossed!

There should of been 5 Pygmy Cory and 6 Cardinal Tetra (I actually bought more because I knew a few wouldn’t make it), but for some reason there was a massive die off in the QT right after I brought them home. We still don’t know what caused it (parameters were 0 ppm Ammonia, 0 ppm Nitrite, and Nitrate was roughly 20 ppm), but the store manager gave me a total refund for the fish loss. I’ve never had fish die like that, so I was seriously bummed.

I cannot take the 1 fish back and I’m scared to buy more Cardinals. I need one more Cory though. Any suggestions about what to do with the 1 Cardinal? I dunno if there’s other fish he will school with (he loves his little Corydoras and seems to think they’re his babies) or if I should risk getting more.