Android Customization

Customized Galaxy Nexus

Customized Galaxy Nexus

Took me all day to create this screen on my phone! The right side scrolls upwards to show more Google Grids. :) Going to share a few video links and app links for customizing your Android device. Be aware that some of the apps I use are pay apps.

In order to re-create the screen I posted, you will need to view a few videos on how to use the apps (grab a drink and a snack, some vids are long!). Be certain to read the video descriptions as they may contain links for things that you need (wallpaper or other resources etc.);

ssLauncher the Original [vid tutorial] An FYI: There is no other launcher out there that allows you this much precision when it comes to placing items/widgets on your screen.

Play Store links and resource files you will need: UCCW,  ssLauncher the Original [$3.99 USD)] & The original files and wallpaper by Yihaomizhij


UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget) [vid tutorial is broken down into 3 vids, so be quick to click the link for the next part on the bottom right of the vid at the end!]


And finally, here is the video tutorial for setting up Google Grid by Yihaomizhij (no idea how you pronounce that one lol). You’ll notice that mine is a bit different from his as I took the wallpaper into Photoshop and got rid of one of the lines so that it allowed me to customize the top grid to better suite my needs;

If customization is something you’re interested in on a more regular basis, check out My Color Screen. There’s thousands of nice screens there, so create your own free login. Having an account allows you to “Love” a screen so you can go back into your account settings later and locate your favorite loved screens. Most people will share files and links to the apps they’ve used.. be aware that some of the more popular features artists offer their screened skins on Google Play for a fee. However, if you’re proficient with Photoshop and some of the Android apps then you can re-create those screens all on your own.

One last thing… give Marco some love by hitting Like on his videos, and subscribe to the My Color Screen YouTube Channel.


  1. Mamajin says:

    I have no artistic talent either lol. Most times they provide the art for you to use so it’s already made. Other times they’ll provide the art in a PSD file for you, so you can edit it and make it more your own.

  2. Kay says:

    Oooooo I really love that screen, beautiful. I admire that you can do that, You make it sound so easy, but I am not good at all with paint programs or editing at all, there is no artistic bone in my body. I really need to watch those videos.

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