Time Flies

I like how Facebook will re-post memories with photos from the previous years. I just saw this one again of Michael when he came to visit 2 years ago. He’s visited again since then when we took him to Universal Studios in Orlando this past April. We took my daughter Mary there last year too where we also flew from Orlando up to Tennessee to see Keith Urban (second time for me lol). I love our vacations every summer! I think we’ll be flying down to Alabama next to visit with Eric and MJ in their newly built house. I’m curious to see what winter looks like there since we’re thinking of possibly moving down there and having a home built (we looked at houses the last time we went to visit).

Here’s Michael right before we were supposed to head out to play paintball. We ended up not going and going somewhere else. I can’t recall where though.

My son Michael

My son Michael



Sleeping beauty…. Michael.

Was perusing through some camera pics taken on my S4 that are sitting in my DropBox and ran across this one. Took this on Sept 13th when my son was visiting. Seriously, who sleeps like that?