DIY: Decorative Bottle

Just something I tossed together (I’m still getting the hang of DIY projects, and this is only my second or third finished one). You don’t have to use the exact same items that I did. :) I found the bottle at Goodwill for 99 cents and the rest was purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Items used:
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Scotch tape
Doily ribbon
Twisted rope
Decorative paper flowers
Decorative stones
Silk or real flowers

The pictures are fairly self explanatory. Before I cut the rope I wrapped some scotch tape around the area I was going to cut. This kept the rope from fraying, although I suppose you can alternatively use a dab of hot glue.


IMG_20140924_224524 IMG_20140924_225514 IMG_20140924_230208IMG_20141006_133240 IMG_20140924_232308

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, but I think I will find smaller silk flowers to replace those with. :)


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