Glad I Quit

I’ve been smoke free since June 28, 2007. Every time I walk by someone smoking a cigarette I stop and wonder how I ever managed to not notice how terribly I smelled. We all know how bad smoking is for your body and most people will never stop. At least stop and ask yourself if you want to continue to be stinky. Seriously, you just don’t realize how terrible the smell is. It’s been 6 years and I haven’t had a cigarette. I smoked two packs a day, and I quit cold turkey (I did use The Patch for the first week or so). Not once did I cheat.

I am probably one of the worst X-Smokers you will ever meet because I have no issue telling you that you stink lol. Love and respect the body that the Goddess gave you. Quit smoking.

As a smoker, you already know that cigarettes are dangerous and toxic but do you really know what you smoke everyday?

If I gave you some arsenic, carbon monoxide, rocket fuel, lighter fuel & toilet cleaner & asked you to mix them all together & smoke them, would you?? I expect it would be a resounding NO!

That’s what you do though every time you light up, just imagine what that is doing to your body. – It’s A Wonderful Life


Uh, eww.