New Theme For My Phone

My Galaxy Nexus

My Galaxy Nexus

I’ve been experimenting with the UCCW and SSLauncher apps from the Play Store in an effort to create a more workable homescreen that’s not full of boring icons. If you’ve ever been over to My Color Screen, you’ll know that there’s tons of inspiration over there. A lot of the users also offer up their PSD’s and other files for us to use in order to recreate or expound upon new and exciting screens.

I was able to download ThangLD69s PSD file, but the UCCW file wasn’t the right one so I had to create those from scratch. The PSD file is heavily edited, but still possesses the light and serene feel that he originally added to the file.

Altavizta’s lockscreen has become quite popular, so you will more than likely see several different renditions of it all over the place. All of them very good, too! I also edited his PSD file to match my homescreen.

Original Green Leaves, and Mirip Lockscreen.

Cure For HIV?

A possible cure for HIV. Now that is some pretty amazing news!

Timothy Ray Brown, a native of Seattle who was the first person cured of the AIDS virus, is joining with scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to help extend the cure to others.

Early reports identified him only as “the Berlin patient.” But Timothy Ray Brown, the first person cured of HIV, was born and raised in Seattle.

Now, Brown is returning to his hometown to help boost efforts at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and elsewhere to extend the cure to others.

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Summer Beauty

Last Saturday we went out with our neighbor, Joanne, to pick out some flowers and plants for Mothers Day, and these are the ones Doug bought for me. I had such an amazing time looking at and learning about everything Joanne had to teach me. I’ve not had much practice with plants, so hopefully I won’t kill these!

I’ve re-potted everything except for the Silver & Lavender Stream, which are in a large hanging basket. Doug and I made a trip to Lowe’s last night and bought a hanger, and later on this evening Doug is going to attach it outside between the two kitchen windows along the entrance walkway. I also placed my two Calla Lilies that weren’t looking so hot out on the porch with the rest of the plants. Fingers crossed that they perk up a bit as they barely held on in the house over the winter.

Summer Planting

Geranium, Celosia, Coleus, & Ivy

Summer Planting

Lambs Ear

Summer Planting

Silver Stream & Lavender Stream