Laugh Out Loud

So I’m searching on Amazon for a little Android key-chain, and I run across one that is actually a card reader. Cute idea, but in the picture they have to show it off it’s sitting against an iPhone. Seriously?

In The News

Cure For HIV?

A possible cure for HIV. Now that is some pretty amazing news! Timothy Ray Brown, a native of Seattle who was the first person cured of the AIDS virus, is joining with scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to help extend the cure to others. Early reports identified him only as “the Berlin… Read More Cure For HIV?


Summer Beauty

Last Saturday we went out with our neighbor, Joanne, to pick out some flowers and plants for Mothers Day, and these are the ones Doug bought for me. I had such an amazing time looking at and learning about everything Joanne had to teach me. I’ve not had much practice with plants, so hopefully I… Read More Summer Beauty