Sleeping beauty…. Michael.

Was perusing through some camera pics taken on my S4 that are sitting in my DropBox and ran across this one. Took this on Sept 13th when my son was visiting. Seriously, who sleeps like that?


New Canister Filter

First things first… Happy Birthday Doug!! Love you bunches and bunches!!

I finally got off my butt and added a canister filter to my 30 gallon tank. Don’t get me wrong, I love HoB filters and the Fluval C Series offer amazing five stage filtration. I just wanted a bit more.

The AquaTop CF400-UV canister has been installed since Friday night. I took the bio-media (C-Nodes and Bio-Screen) out of the C3 and the C2 (I was running a backup) out of the HoB’s and put them in one of the trays in the new canister. Once Doug and I got everything all set up and running I tossed in a bottle of Dr Tim’s One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria. Normally this is not necessary¬†since I used the bio-media from the other filters, but I wanted to ensure the nitrogen cycle was not interrupted, and I wanted to prevent any chance of a mini cycle.

Going on day 4 now and everything seems to be peachy in the tank. Whether or not it’s all in my head that my aqua babies are more colorful than before, I don’t know hehe. Though they sure seem to be!

AquaTop CF400-UV

AquaTop CF400-UV


Some people are stupid. I hate trying to have a debate with an idiot, and not sure why I kept trying. It’s one of those where you’re talking about something and they repeatedly insist on talking about something else (the entire time they think that they’re talking about the same thing as you). Weather they’re just a moron and choose to ignore what you are clearly stating, or weather they’re just truly too thick to understand the conversation is unclear. I don’t use big words, and I don’t think I discuss things too difficult for the average individual to grasp… so I’m sticking to my original thought that some people are just stupid.

Pizza Hut

My son wanted Pizza Hut last night, so we went into one of the sit-down restaurants. The guy comes over and takes our order, then never brings us our drinks. I had to get up and go get the guy and remind him we wanted them. Then he kept coming over and asking if we wanted refills (big-time overkill). When we were ready to go, we asked him for two ToGo boxes for the pizzas. He brings two tiny boxes made for those single personal pan pizzas (the look on his face while he was trying to figure out how to fit two large pizzas in two tiny boxes… I will never forget that look). I was specific this time and asked for two large boxes to fit two large pizzas. He never showed up with them. I had to request them from another waitress, who kept apologizing profusely for the other guy. Apparently she knew he was an idiot. It wasn’t like they were busy. I think along with us there may be been two other families in there. That was the worst waiter I’ve ever had. No exaggeration.

If you ever go out to a sit down Pizza Hut and you get a waiter named Brian, run. Run and never look back. Or better yet, stay away from that nasty restaurant all together.