Oh Really…

Android Officially Owns More Than 80% Of The World Smartphone Market

Android has hit a new milestone of popularity: it now owns 81% of the world smartphone market, according to a new market research report from IDC.
That’s not a huge jump. It was knocking on the door of 80% market share last quarter, when it hit 79.3 percent. But the growing dominance of Android is still impressive, especially considering that the smartphone market as a whole grew wildly, up 40 percentage points over Q3 2012, IDC says.

In Q3 2013, people worldwide bought 261 million smartphones and 212 million were Android, IDC said. Apple sold nearly 34 million iPhones.

Not surprisingly, the low-cost Android phone is why Android is so popular. But the irony is that most Android phone makers except Samsung are struggling to get a measurable bite of this huge pie. IDC notes:

Samsung accounted for 39.9% of all Android shipments for the quarter, while the rest of the vendors either saw single-digit market share or, in the case of the majority of vendors, market share of less than 1%.

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Tetra Safe Start

Set up a new 10G on the 5th, and then on the 6th added Tetra Safe Start and 4 Pygmy Cory and 1 Cardinal Tetra. Fingers crossed!

There should of been 5 Pygmy Cory and 6 Cardinal Tetra (I actually bought more because I knew a few wouldn’t make it), but for some reason there was a massive die off in the QT right after I brought them home. We still don’t know what caused it (parameters were 0 ppm Ammonia, 0 ppm Nitrite, and Nitrate was roughly 20 ppm), but the store manager gave me a total refund for the fish loss. I’ve never had fish die like that, so I was seriously bummed.

I cannot take the 1 fish back and I’m scared to buy more Cardinals. I need one more Cory though. Any suggestions about what to do with the 1 Cardinal? I dunno if there’s other fish he will school with (he loves his little Corydoras and seems to think they’re his babies) or if I should risk getting more.