Just An FYI

It’s been brought to my attention that some feel that this site makes money from affiliate links. I can assure you that there has been no affiliate links on this site that bring in any type of monetary gain. The last time this site made any cash was back in the day when I owned a web hosting company and had WordPress themes that I created here on my personal blog for sale. They are currently no longer for sale, and there has not been anything on this site since then to bring in any income whatsoever.

I am a huge fan of Doctor Tim Hovanec, so I will push his products and mention them or offer links in my posts. I am a huge fan of Doctors Foster & Smith (Live Aquaria), so I will push their products and mention or link to them in my posts. I’ve used Dr Tim’s products and I’ve researched his background. Everyone has products that they’re excited about, or people that they believe in. Call me a fangirl if you like, I care not.

If in the future I ever decide to become an affiliate with a company I will be clear and up front about it in my posts that the link is an affiliate link. I won’t hide it.

New Tank Photo

Same cichlids, new 20 gallon tank! I had to move the multies and their babies over to a bigger tank, and decided to put them downstairs in the formal dining room. My office is getting overrun with fish tanks! I added some fake plants to break up line of sight, new sea shells for the babies to choose from, and a rainbow rock as a focal point (thanks for the goodies, Eric!). They may eventually pull the plants up, but it looks really pretty for now.

I took this photo with my Galaxy S4 and am surprised by how vivid the colors turned out. The only thing I did with it in Photoshop is add my copyright and save it in PNG format instead of JPG. I’m quite pleased with how nice the tank looks.

Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Neolamprologus multifasciatus