Some people are stupid. I hate trying to have a debate with an idiot, and not sure why I kept trying. It’s one of those where you’re talking about something and they repeatedly insist on talking about something else (the entire time they think that they’re talking about the same thing as you). Weather they’re… Read More Sigh


Pizza Hut

My son wanted Pizza Hut last night, so we went into one of the sit-down restaurants. The guy comes over and takes our order, then never brings us our drinks. I had to get up and go get the guy and remind him we wanted them. Then he kept coming over and asking if we… Read More Pizza Hut


Android Security

As long as you do three things before downloading an app, you don’t need antivirus apps slowing down your phone and taking up valuable space. 1: Only download apps from legal reputable sites like the Google Play Store. 2: Read the comment section. People will scream if there’s something funky going on with an app.… Read More Android Security