Android Customization

Customized Galaxy Nexus

Customized Galaxy Nexus

Took me all day to create this screen on my phone! The right side scrolls upwards to show more Google Grids. :) Going to share a few video links and app links for customizing your Android device. Be aware that some of the apps I use are pay apps.

In order to re-create the screen I posted, you will need to view a few videos on how to use the apps (grab a drink and a snack, some vids are long!). Be certain to read the video descriptions as they may contain links for things that you need (wallpaper or other resources etc.);

ssLauncher the Original [vid tutorial] An FYI: There is no other launcher out there that allows you this much precision when it comes to placing items/widgets on your screen.

Play Store links and resource files you will need: UCCW,  ssLauncher the Original [$3.99 USD)] & The original files and wallpaper by Yihaomizhij

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