Home Owners Association

Our HOA… grrrrr! Stupid lawn maintenance people chopped up the brand new soaker hose (along with killing every one of the bushes along the walkway to our front porch) last summer. So we had the HOA president out here a month or so ago to ask what we wanted to do… yank up the old dead bushes, their roots, and toss in some new dirt (dirt is 20 years old, I can’t imagine there’s much nutrients for plants in it).

At any rate, the agreement we made was that we were going to plant our own stuff there. I go out there today and the bastages have planted the entire thing up with some bushes… I don’t even know what they are. No new soil either… just overturned old dirt with tons of rocks and huge bits of the old bushes (GRRR). We were going to clean it up and just toss in our own dirt, and I wanted to plant some Carol Mackie Daphne, Hostas and a few other things and now I can’t.

I am not a happy camper at the moment. Really really really not happy.

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Android Customization

Customized Galaxy Nexus

Customized Galaxy Nexus

Took me all day to create this screen on my phone! The right side scrolls upwards to show more Google Grids. :) Going to share a few video links and app links for customizing your Android device. Be aware that some of the apps I use are pay apps.

In order to re-create the screen I posted, you will need to view a few videos on how to use the apps (grab a drink and a snack, some vids are long!). Be certain to read the video descriptions as they may contain links for things that you need (wallpaper or other resources etc.);

ssLauncher the Original [vid tutorial] An FYI: There is no other launcher out there that allows you this much precision when it comes to placing items/widgets on your screen.

Play Store links and resource files you will need: UCCW,  ssLauncher the Original [$3.99 USD)] & The original files and wallpaper by Yihaomizhij

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