New Family Members

I was finally able to locate a LFS that carried the Congo Tetras, and since these are the hardest to locate of the two that I wanted, I snagged those first. The German Blue Rams are far easier to find, so I will get those in two weeks.

The Congos are now in a medicated (parasite & fungus guard) QT (quarantine tank) sitting on my desk so that I can keep a close eye on them. They are very shy at the moment, but were little piggies at breakfast. Normally new fish don’t eat right away, so I was very happy to see them snarf up the food that I gave them. I forgot to take the frozen cubed Bloodworms out of the freezer last night, so they’ll have to get that treat tomorrow.

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Pixel Mall Memories

I remember back in the day when I ran The Pixel Mall, where ladies in the pixel graphic community could share their graphics in exchange for Pixel Bucks (Pixel Bucks were earned via post count.. fake cash). I had the most rockin forum in the graphics community at that time, with some of the best pixel graphic artists on the net. Close friends of mine were forum admins that we called The Babes In Black. Vannila Fields owner, Kerry, made us the cutest graphics based on the Men In Black movie and they were SO adorable. Anyway, I just ran across these on my hard drive. Here’s what I had on The Pixel Mall for us. (Artie (Artemis) is me!) Be sure to read the lyrics as I changed them up a bit to match the BiB’s. ;)

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Decisions, Decisions

Has it been two weeks already? Yes, it has! It’s time to add another set of fish to my 30 gallon tank. Only problem is that I’ve changed my mind (I’m allowed haha) on the type that I want. I’ve got my eye on both Congo Tetra (there would be 6) and the German Blue Ram (there would be 2 or 3). I’m getting both, just not at the same time. In two weeks I will get the next set of fish.

Here are the ones I want, but can’t make up my mind which to get first.


Congo Tetrah


German Blue Ram