My New Office

Needed to post these, too. Doug and I decided to swap offices, and I got the loft that overlooks down into the living room. He used the loft as his office for the last 18 years (he works from home), and it’s funny to watch him go up the stairs and instinctively turn right. He catches himself most times hehe. The reason we swapped is he wanted to be able to close the door during conference calls, which he is on almost daily, for meetings with the folks at Amazon. This way I don’t have to turn off the television or music, and I can continue on about my day without interrupting his work.

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Luvin The Snow

I forgot to post these up! Here’s a few pictures of the snow that just dropped. No where near as much as we normally get here in Hanover Park. While I do miss the mild summers of Washington State, I don’t miss that we never had any real snow there. The other thing I do love about Illinois are the thunder storms we get in the summer. I sure do love those!!

A lot more snow dropped than what you see in the photographs below.

Hanover Park Snow

Front of our house

Hanover Park Snow

Back of our house from the deck

New Theme

Went ahead and purchased the WP Weaver Pro theme (link in footer), since Min gave it a high recommendation. I haven’t even seen all of the options in this thing yet! At any rate, I’m no where near finished editing (the gadget, header, and footer background color seems a bit dark, no?), so be patient while I take a few days to polish things up. Can’t work on it Saturday evening as Doug and I have to do a gathering for his brothers birthday. We’re going P.F. Chang’s China Bistro for dinner… oooo that place has some seriously scrumptious food! :)