New iPhone 6s Case

Just received my new custom 6s case. I love it because…. well, it’s Keith Urban!

I bought this from the talented artist DacDacGirl on RedBubble. She sells her artwork on different mediums. You should see her little chibi of Professor Snape and her chibi Goblin King. They’re SO cute! The case is hard plastic and quite nice (lip on the front edges so you can lay the phone down on a flat surface without the screen touching).
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I’ve Gone To The Dark Side

… and am quite happy there. ;)

I’m still getting use to not being able to customize the UI. I’ve seen jailbroken screenshots of homescreens and haven’t been impressed. The only difference between a stock UI and a jailbroken UI are the themed icons, and you can place more icons on the dock. This is the only thing that makes me unhappy with the visual aspect of the phone… having icons all over the screen. Yes, you can create folders and put icons in there, but it’s still cluttering the screen. No matter. The iPhone 6s runs smooth as silk even with a ton of other things running in the background. The 3D Touch feature is cool as hell, and being able to set your fingerprint for access to the phone is beyond amazing. I can now sell my iPod Touch 5th Gen because I’ve moved all my music over to my phone, which the sound quality is great (never sounded good on any Android I’ve owned). Over 2k songs and I’ve still got over 30GB of space left to add more. Even though most of it depends on your carrier you still have to have a good speaker. The sound quality of my calls is wonderful. I really, really, really like this phone.

One of the reasons why I jumped ship from Android to iPhone is Google. You pay 7 hundred dollars for an unlocked unbranded pure Android phone and two years later Google no longer sends updates to that phone like they do when it’s brand new. You get maybe 2 to 3 updates and that’s it. With the iPhone you get continuous updates for more than several years. I think they’re still supporting the iPhone 5, which came out in 2012. Apple keeps iOS updated, and they do it a lot more frequently than Google. Speaking of which, Apple just released iOS 9.2.1, so I’m off to download and install that!

iPhone 6s in Rose Gold – 64MB
Unlocked Stock iOS 9.2.1
iPhone PSD by Perfect Pixels (Thanks!!)

iPhone 6s 64MB Rose Gold

iPhone 6s 64MB Rose Gold