DIY Projects

DIY: Decorative Bottle

Just something I tossed together (I’m still getting the hang of DIY projects, and this is only my second or third finished one). You don’t have to use the exact same items that I did. :) I found the bottle at Goodwill for 99 cents and the rest was purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Aquatic Chat

New Tank Photo

Same cichlids, new 20 gallon tank! I had to move the multies and their babies over to a bigger tank, and decided to put them downstairs in the formal dining room. My office is getting overrun with fish tanks! I added some fake plants to break up line of sight, new sea shells for the… Read More New Tank Photo


Still Around

I haven’t posted in awhile, but thought I should let everyone know that I’m still around. Just been busy since the beginning of the year! My daughter is temporarily here while trying to get into Job Corps (which should be happening very soon), and I haven’t spent much time blogging. Been busy with outings, new… Read More Still Around

Meh, Updates


I’m sure some have noticed that my site keeps going down. My apologies. I will be moving from HostGator over to LiquidWeb, where I should of gone to begin with. I’ve put in my order and am just waiting on a confirmation call. The site may be up and down while the nameservers propagate, but… Read More Moving