Tetra Safe Start

Set up a new 10G on the 5th, and then on the 6th added Tetra Safe Start and 4 Pygmy Cory and 1 Cardinal Tetra. Fingers crossed!

There should of been 5 Pygmy Cory and 6 Cardinal Tetra (I actually bought more because I knew a few wouldn’t make it), but for some reason there was a massive die off in the QT right after I brought them home. We still don’t know what caused it (parameters were 0 ppm Ammonia, 0 ppm Nitrite, and Nitrate was roughly 20 ppm), but the store manager gave me a total refund for the fish loss. I’ve never had fish die like that, so I was seriously bummed.

I cannot take the 1 fish back and I’m scared to buy more Cardinals. I need one more Cory though. Any suggestions about what to do with the 1 Cardinal? I dunno if there’s other fish he will school with (he loves his little Corydoras and seems to think they’re his babies) or if I should risk getting more.

Dumbass Hackers

Grumpy CatI really wish you dumb asses from China, Turkey and Russia would give up your futile attempts to hack my WordPress. Give it up. You’re not getting in. The usernames you use to try to log in are worth nothing more than a few giggles at best (I have a log of every single one of them, along with your IP address). Even if you did get the right username it would take you 98 million years to crack my password.



Sleeping beauty…. Michael.

Was perusing through some camera pics taken on my S4 that are sitting in my DropBox and ran across this one. Took this on Sept 13th when my son was visiting. Seriously, who sleeps like that?