New Tank Photo

Same cichlids, new 20 gallon tank! I had to move the multies and their babies over to a bigger tank, and decided to put them downstairs in the formal dining room. My office is getting overrun with fish tanks! I added some fake plants to break up line of sight, new sea shells for the babies to choose from, and a rainbow rock as a focal point (thanks for the goodies, Eric!). They may eventually pull the plants up, but it looks really pretty for now.

I took this photo with my Galaxy S4 and am surprised by how vivid the colors turned out. The only thing I did with it in Photoshop is add my copyright and save it in PNG format instead of JPG. I’m quite pleased with how nice the tank looks.

Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Still Around

I haven’t posted in awhile, but thought I should let everyone know that I’m still around. Just been busy since the beginning of the year! My daughter is temporarily here while trying to get into Job Corps (which should be happening very soon), and I haven’t spent much time blogging. Been busy with outings, new fish, and a new free browser flash game (League of Angels) I’ve been playing. On a sad note my x sister in law passed away rather suddenly, which hit me pretty hard. Then Doug’s grandmother passed away so there was a wake and funeral to go to.

On a happier note, I’m thinking of getting another motorcycle (my first was a 72 custom Triumph). This time I’m looking at purchasing a Harley and then getting a trike kit to put on it. From looking at one of the pdf manuals it looks to be a rather simple procedure so I am rather looking forward to getting my hands dirty. If I have enough funds by October then I’ll be going bike shopping! The 2014 Sportster Superlow is only $8k! I can’t believe how affordable those bikes have become.