New Theme For My Phone

My Galaxy Nexus

My Galaxy Nexus

I’ve been experimenting with the UCCW and SSLauncher apps from the Play Store in an effort to create a more workable homescreen that’s not full of boring icons. If you’ve ever been over to My Color Screen, you’ll know that there’s tons of inspiration over there. A lot of the users also offer up their PSD’s and other files for us to use in order to recreate or expound upon new and exciting screens.

I was able to download ThangLD69s PSD file, but the UCCW file wasn’t the right one so I had to create those from scratch. The PSD file is heavily edited, but still possesses the light and serene feel that he originally added to the file.

Altavizta’s lockscreen has become quite popular, so you will more than likely see several different renditions of it all over the place. All of them very good, too! I also edited his PSD file to match my homescreen.

Original Green Leaves, and Mirip Lockscreen.


  1. Mamajin says:

    Complicated…. says the woman who can program php lol. Do the same thing I did sweetie. Join Android Forums and locate the forum section for your phone. Read read read read read. I should send you an email with some links to check out. Give me a bit and I’ll gather some info and send it over to ya.

  2. Kay says:

    I really like that. I have no idea how to tinker or play with that stuff, heck I have a smartphone but have no idea what it’s smart for, except to make calls, lol.

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