Goodies On The Way

Just ordered some new yummies for my aqua babies. New Life Spectrum Freshwater Flakes with Garlic. It has tons of nutritious goodies for them; premium grade natural spirulina, spinach, red and green cabbage, peas, broccoli, red pepper, zucchini, tomato, kiwi, apricot, pear, mango, apple, papaya, peach, South Antarctic Krill, herring, seaweed, kelp, and some natural color enhancing ingredients. It also contains a healthy amount of garlic (totally awesome for fish) and Thera A formula that has a mega dose of a natural anti-parasitic ingredient.

Also finally ordered a bottle of Kordon Fish Protector to use when I do their water changes. This helps calm them and eases stress. There’s also Echinacia and vitamin B12, and it’s supposed to help minimize infections. From what I’ve been reading, a lot of the online order only fish sites ship their fish with this stuff added to the bag of water.

I’m really excited about the new fish food though as I’ve read some amazing reviews about it. I’ll post back in a few weeks about this again and let you know if I’m able to see any noticeable differences in my aqua babies.

And… I started another tank. *giggle*


  1. Mamajin says:

    I like raw veggies, mostly on salads hehe. I gave them cooked peas (with the skins off) last night and they all gobbled them up! Peas are nasty, but I’m glad they liked them haha.

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