Better Than Robert Redford

Better Than Robert Redford

So yummy!!

I did 4 layers instead of 5 by mistake, but it still turned out awesome! Made this for Easter dinner at Doug’s families house, but I was sick and didn’t go. Doug brought back what was left.

And yes, the name of the recipe is called Better Than Robert Redford. I’ve completely revised the recipe and will post it up the next time I make it. :)


  1. Mamajin says:

    Thanks ladies! *Hugs*

    Still feeling a bit icky, but not as bad as I was.

    I was going to wait and post the updated recipe after I tested it out, but Doug says his waist line can’t take it right now LOL. My skinny little geek boy worrying about his weight… pffft. Wish I was that thin!

    I’ll post up the recipe soon.

  2. Min says:

    Oh my, this looks dangerous! After the first bite you can’t stop and that makes it dangerous for your hips. Now I would die for the recipe. I hope you two are well and everything is shiny.

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