My New Office

Needed to post these, too. Doug and I decided to swap offices, and I got the loft that overlooks down into the living room. He used the loft as his office for the last 18 years (he works from home), and it’s funny to watch him go up the stairs and instinctively turn right. He catches himself most times hehe. The reason we swapped is he wanted to be able to close the door during conference calls, which he is on almost daily, for meetings with the folks at Amazon. This way I don’t have to turn off the television or music, and I can continue on about my day without interrupting his work.

Speaking of his work, it sure is nice to have him home with me again! He was gone every week for six months out in Cupertino California (where they have one of the Kindle offices), only able to fly home on the weekends. Since I don’t drive being stuck at home all week long really sucked. Luckily if I needed some emergency groceries there was always Peapod to deliver. Love that place!

Here’s some pictures of the my new office! You can see the 30 gallon tank there before I began the fishless cycle, and the current 10 gallon tank there on my desk. The skylights over the living room let in a lot of natural light in my office during the day also (since there is an entire wall open with a balcony rail. You can barely see the rail behind one of the monitors), even though we have the shades drawn down on them. And that table lamp… I coveted that thing for years, and he allowed me to keep it in my office. I feel loved. :)

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Office pictures